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Cold Drawn Steel Bars

Cold Drawn Stell Bars are used in high volume productions of machine and structural parts, shafting and consumer products. These bars are mechanically manufactured with dimensional precision. We manufacture plain and deformed steel bars in different lengths with optional hot dip galvanizing and epoxy coating.

Manufacturing Parameters for Cold Drawn Bars

  • Maximum Length of Bar : 6mm or 12m
  • Diameter of Wire : 6mm to 12mm
  • We can manufacture cold drawn bars in different lengths as per customer requirement.
  • Also we provide Hot Dip Galvanizing and Epoxy coating services for the cold drawn bars.

Key Advantages

The benefits of Cold Drawn Steel Bars includes offering enhanced mechanical properties that are strong and durable with better straightness. It has the advantage of better sizing and rounds, as well as a smoother finish on the surface.


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