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Radio Shuttle Rack System

Also known as a radio shuttle racking or pallet runners. Shuttle racking system is a dynamic warehouse storage solution which increases the storage capacity and material throughput. Remote controlled operations move shuttles within the racks. Configurable in LIFO / FIFO, this solution ensures fast throughput while improving storage density.

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It maximizes storage space and increases throughput with a compact semi-automated deep lane pallet storage system. Handling of goods occurs within the racking lanes and is carried out using a remote-controlled pallet shuttle.

In shuttle racking, the man and machine involvement is minimal and storage density is very high. Warehouse throughput is very high with respect to conventional static racking systems.


Key Advantages

  • High density storage and maximum utilization of floor area
  • Automated pallet storage and retrieval system, combining maximization of storage capacity, selectivity and high throughput speed
  • Structure includes support racks, shuttle rails and shuttle carts (radio shuttle)
  • Radio shuttle placed at either end of the desired tunnel by the forklift, and operates independently via radio frequency

More Key Advantages

  • Carrier moves in under the wanted pallet, lifts it and transports it back to the desired location
  • System can be configured with as high as 70 pallets in depth
  • Each level within a lane can accommodate a different SKU, increasing the number of pick faces compared to the drive-in system
  • Standard¬† material handling equipment required only at loading and unloading ends; reducing operator stress

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