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Double Deep Pallet Racking

A cost-effective choice as it allows for long-term flexibility. It is like selective racking, but items are stored two pallets deep, allowing product lines (SKUs) to be kept closer together. The system is ideal for optimal space utilization at warehouses that have high storage density requirements.

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Double deep pallet racking configuration offers about 30-40% more pallet locations than single entry shelving, while also allowing 50% of the products to be always reachable. With like products contained within a smaller area, it’s easier for warehouse staff to locate which ultimately increases efficiency.

This type of racking therefore requires specialized pallet handling equipment using either a specialized forklift or a standard unit with a double deep handling attachment. Double Deep Pallet Racking is extensively used in Cold storage, Paper, F&B, Manufacturing, Distribution centers and dry store industries.


Key Advantages

  • Cost-effective racking configuration
  • Increased storage density – around 30-40% offering better selectivity
  • Efficient use of floor space with a good aisle/shelving ratio
  • Similar products are kept in line together by storing two pallets deep
  • Increased storage capacity compared with selective racking
  • Easily relocated and easily converted to/from single deep system

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