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Medium Duty Shelving

Medium Duty Shelving or Long Span Shelving is designed for small to medium sized goods in commercial and industrial warehouse storage settings. The medium duty racks offer easy access and fast material handling.

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Key Features

Medium duty or Long span system is being used for the storage of medium weight items in an economic manner.

The important feature of the system is flexibility and non-usage of bolts. The user can configure the shelving system and the system is suitable to carry a load up to 800 Kg per level.

Complement your warehouse with medium duty storage racks. Our medium duty shelving accommodates midweight loads and cartons and is ideal for medium duty storage applications in warehouses and industrial stockrooms.


Key Advantages

• Flexible and easy to configure

• Economic and carry a load up to 5000 Kg per bay

• Multitier option also possible in this system

• Durable and high performance

• Available in a wide range of sizes, load capacities, and shapes


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