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Racking Systems

Enjoy efficient, streamlined operations with optimal organisation and maximised space. We offer a wide range of optimised racking systems to suit the needs of your business, with the added benefit of full-time accessiblity and warehouse management.


Shelving Systems

We offer a diverse selection of shelving solutions, including mobile and custom shelving to ensure our clients can store and manage their inventory efficiently. Protect your stock and enahnce productivity with the best-in-class shelving systems.


Our Partners

We partner with notable industry leaders to deliver exceptional projects throughout the UAE.
LinkMisr is an Egyptian company established in 1993. It manufactures storage products under license from Whittan UK. With consistent growth over its three-decade history, LinkMisr leads Egypt's storage market and has expanded its reach to the Middle East, Africa, and North America. The company has five modern manufacturing plants covering 40,000 square meters, located in 10th Ramadan city. LinkMisr specializes in crafting high-quality storage systems for various markets and industries. Its partnership with Whittan UK ensures top global standards. LinkMisr offers tailored storage solutions for different load capacities, focusing on quality control and compliance with standards. LinkMisr's success is attributed to its market leadership, international expansion, and investment in advanced manufacturing facilities.

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