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Welded Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh is used for industrial purposes and the reinforcing of cement and concrete. Welded wire mesh is versatile, lightweight, and easy to install. At AGBS we provide standard and customised wire mesh

Manufacturing Parameters

A high degree of production flexibility helps us to manufacture the standard and custom made engineered mesh sheets to specific construction requirements.

  • Maximum sheet length: 12.00m
    Maximum sheet width: 3.40m
  • Maximum Dia. of wire: 12.0mm diameter
  • Minimum Dia. of wire: 5.0mm diameter
  • Longitudinal wire spacing: Multiples of 50mm – Minimum 100mm
  • Cross sectional wire spacing: Multiples of 25mm – Minimum 100mm

Key Advantages

Welded Wire Mesh can be placed faster and requires less man-power on site. This increases the turnaround time of projects while reducing costs. The exact size of reinforcement needed can be provided and with these single units, less improper bending occurs.


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